Is CheapRiver.com free?

Yes CheapRiver.com is completely free. It just tells you at which Amazon site is the cheapest when you want to buy books.

Why is CheapRiver.com not showing the price of a book in one of the Amazon shops?

CheapRiver.com searches for the exact same article. Quite often in different shops different editions are sold

Why are some books not shown on CheapRiver.com while they appear in the search result of the Amazon site?

We only show books that are available directly from Amazon. Books from 3rd party sellers selling have usually much higher shipping rates and are not always delivered internationally. Hence we don't show these books from 3rd party sellers

Why is the shipping rate CheapRiver.com shows incorrect?

We use the publicly available shipping rate information from the Amazon sites. Some special items like a Harry Potter Books 1-7 in a box get a custom shipping rate of Amazon. If you have a normal book and the shipping rate is incorrect please send an email to info@cheapriver.com with the following info: NOTE for the shipping rates we use Free Super Saving Rates of Amazon if applicable. However for these free rates to apply you need to buy for a minimum of 25$ or 20€. So you might need to buy multiple articles in order to apply for Free shipping. This explains the difference if you buy for less than 25$ or 20€.