Get Cheap Books by comparing Amazon Sites

Prices of English Books can differ quite a bit from country to country. searches,,, and to find the Cheapest Books for you. By selecting your country it automatically includes the shipping costs to get the book delivered on your doorstep. As CheapRiver uses the current exchange rates, it let's you take advantage of changing exchange rates and shows you the cheapest option.

Example Search Result screenshot

Above you see a (partial) screenshot for the first result if you search for harry potter and have selected the Netherlands as your country. For every result shows a table with the prices of the book in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada.

The cheapest books are indicated with a green background. Here you see that the cheapest is to buy the Harry Potter Box set in the US to have it delivered to the Netherlands it only cost (on Dec 13 2009) €37.26 while in the UK it'll cost you €51.03, Germany €58.99, France €63.77 and in Canada this version of the Harry Potter Box is not available. So you see that the cheapest option is more than 40% cheaper than the most expensive one.

In the first column of every country you see the price of the book in the original currency. In the second column you see the price converted in Euros, Dollars or Pounds depending on the country you live in

The rows show:

  • Item Price: the price of the book as advertised on the Amazon website.
  • Shipping per Item: the shipping cost you need to pay for this book.
  • Subtotal: the sum of Item Price and Shipping per Item. Handy to know if you are planning to buy multiple books because the Cost per Shipment you only pay once for all the items you order.
  • Cost per Shipment: Per shipment which can contain multiple books Amazon charges this rate to have it delivered to your country.
  • Total: The sum of all the items above. This is the price you pay if you only buy this book and have it delivered to your house

NOTE for the shipping rates we use Free Super Saving Rates of Amazon if applicable. However for these free rates to apply you need to buy for a minimum of $25 or €20. So you might need to buy multiple articles in order to apply for Free shipping